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There are so many ways you could help Hope Jay retain her seat on the Buffalo School Board. Put up a lawn sign, host a fundraiser, make phone calls, knock on doors, tell your neighbors or just post Hope’s news to social media.  The possibilities are endless, so consider becoming a volunteer!




About Hope Jay


My name is Hope Jay and I am running for the Buffalo School Board for a second term, first and foremost because I am a mom with kids who graduated from the Buffalo Public Schools and I care about public education. It’s important to me, as it is to every parent with children in the district, that all our children get to school, stay in school, and receive the education they deserve to successfully graduate.

I have been advocating for children and families my entire professional career. First as a social worker at Baker Victory Services, later as a prosecutor at the Erie County District Attorney’s office, and now as a lawyer representing children and families in Erie County Family court. In my work with children and families both as a social worker and a lawyer, I have been blessed to meet the strongest and most resilient people in our city.

I understand the challenges that parents face when their kids won’t get up for school in the morning, or when kids are trapped in the juvenile justice system and suddenly their education takes a back seat, or when parents can’t find the help and support they need from the district for their special needs child, or when family issues, domestic violence, substance abuse, and other problems interfere with a child’s ability to get to school or stay in school.


I believe that attendance is key to our children’s success. I understand the challenges families are facing first hand, and as a school board member, I have worked very hard with the district, parents and stakeholders to addresses those issues. I have fought for funding to be made available for innovative programs to reach our kids and families, and together we have raised the attendance rates and reduced suspensions. I am a strong supporter of increasing opportunities for restorative justice practices such as peer juries and mediation so that we keep our kids in school and off the streets.


We need HOPE for the Buffalo schools, and as a school board member, I have helped to restore hope for our families and faith in the district and the board. You can learn more about me at

Our kids deserve a tested fighter on their side!

Retain Hope for Buffalo Schools.